31 South Mann Avenue

Yeagertown PA 17099

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Property Selling With Minimum Bid of 25K!

(BUYER Agents Welcome 5% Commission)





Note! This property will have a clear marketable title, no liens, no back taxes at closing. We do NOT sell encumbered Properties!)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a home in Yeagertown PA? 

Imagine what it would feel like to be able to live in a 1,274 sq ft home featuring 2 story 3 bedroom 1 bath home with detached garage on  4,356 sq ft lot.
Seldom are genuine opportunities like this where a home of this quality becomes available for living in the central Pennsylvania area that will ever reach the market.
Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to purchase this home on a Saturday at 12 Noon this fall (date to be determined).
View by appointment only.
Property disclosures will be made available upon request.
Terms & Conditions – Winning bidder will have the choice to make a 5K down-payment by Personal Check, Certified Funds or cash on the day of sale.
Closing within 60 days.

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Q. What does “Selling With Minimum Bid of 25K” mean?
A. This means that this property will change hands with a minimum bid of 25K. People have used the term “Absolute” to describe an auction where when any bid is received the property must be sold. This is NOT an Absolute Auction. This is a hybrid where the property will be sold upon a minimum bid of 25K.

Q. Can I have a mortgage?
A. Certainly! Contact a lender, see who offers the lowest rates, lowest or no points and no closing costs, no origination fees, etc. Tell the lender you are looking to buy this property where you put down 10K that is held in escrow till closing, asking what amount you qualify to borrow for a mortgage. This way you can come to the sale knowing what you can afford to make the purchase.

Q. Can I have a VA or FHA mortgage?
A. Certainly! Contact us for details about how this is possible.

Q. Can I have a home inspection or survey?
A. Absolutely! Contact Ss to schedule before you bid.

Q. So what is the difference between the way you sell real estate and traditional private treat sale?
A. The difference is the way the final price is realized. We do not deal in speculation of value but rather the true market value. Very simple, straightforward forward, easy to understand, and a clean transaction. There are no contingencies of a person wanting this, that, or the next thing from the Seller. It is not a matter of one offer from a buyer with one thing and another offer from another buyer with the next thing, but rather, a level playing field for everyone who chooses to purchase this home. Everything is straightforward and easy to understand, and more importantly a level playing field for everyone in the purchasing process. Unlike the problems of multiple offers that comes with traditional real estate (Private Treaty) sales methods where offers are private, the auction method is not private and is always honest, forthright and fair for all who wish to bid. At Auction, Real estate never sells for below or above market value, but rather for true market value. There are no speculated values to guess what a “list price” should be for a property. Just because one home that has the same neighborhood, has similar square feet, size lot, number of bedrooms, baths, etc. sold for one price doesn’t mean another should. Further, who is to say that the “comparable” properties are not made up of people who paid too little or too much for a home? True market value is always realized at auction.

Q. Any suggestions of websites where I can find real estate information that is accurate and the best place to find a mortgage?
A. Do NOT use Zillow or Trulia – They are one and the same (Zillow purchased Trulia) & both of these websites exist to sell your information to Realtors & Lenders. They do not publish accurate information about listings and do everything to entice you to give up your information to be sold.
Unlike Zillow, Trulia & other websites, we RESPECT your privacy and NEVER sell or divulge your information! We welcome questions – Contact Us!
The website House Canary has accurate information and is used by home appraisers to get the data to do their appraisals.
At True Blue Auctions, YOU can Sell, Bid and Buy with confidence! Our website is safe and secure with the highest security and encryption standards available and is insured.

We Work For Our Clients and Customers Best Interests By Welcoming Payment with Credit Cards, Absentee, Internet & Phone Bidding!
*Embracing & using technology to the fullest potential only makes sense for both our clients and customers

True Blue Auctions Is Your Resource For The Highest Quality Auction Services Conducting Auctions On-Site, Online But Never On Sunday!
For More Info. Call 844-BID-CALL

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    Entire Contents of Home & Garage Will Be Sold!

    *Note – All Jewelry, Coins and Weapons will be brought to property to pickup at Auction
    To view Jewelry, Coins & Weapons, Contact Us to make appointment to view in State College PA

    Photos Coming Soon!

    Contents of Home (Collectibles & More)
    Jewelry Coins & Guns




    401 Jewelry Box with Costume Jewelry
    (Some Christmas Jewelry)
    402 Jewelry Box with Various Costume Jewelry
    403 Victorian Jewelry Box with Misc Jewelry
    404 WWII Military Items – Pins, Buttons, Bracelet, Insignia & Whistle. (3-Pins Sterling 1.1 ozt | 34.21382 g | 22.00000 dwt)
    405 Set of 14K Gold Earrings [.011 ozt | .34 g | 0.2200000 dwt] (1 – Gold back missing)
    406 2 – 14K Gold Bell Telephone Pendants [.116 ozt | 3.6 g | 0.2320000 dwt]
    407 14K White Gold Ladies Ring with Stone [.061 ozt | 1.89 g | 1.220000 dwt] (Weight includes Stone)
    408 2 – 10K Gold Ladies Class Rings [.247 ozt | 7.68 g | 4.940000 dwt] (Sisters – 1943, 1945)
    409 10K CYCLOP Pin with Stone [.07 ozt | 2 g | 1.400000 dwt] (Tie Clasp and Backs are not Gold – Weighed Pin Only)
    410 10K Men’s Class Ring with Stone [.23 ozt | 7.1 g | 4.600000 dwt] (1967 – Weight includes Stone)
    411 Sterling Bracelet and Earrings with numerous Stones [.576 ozt | 17.9156 g | 11.52000 dwt] (Not a Set)
    412 Sterling Jewelry [.68 ozt | 2.115036 g | 13.60000 dwt] (6 – Pieces)
    413 Gold Filled Jewelry [.681 ozt | 21.15 g | 13.62000 dwt] (7 – Pieces. Some with stones)
    414 Men’s Jewelry with Harrisburg, PA Jewelry Box
    415 6 – Ladies Watches
    416 Misc Costume Jewelry
    417 Misc Costume Jewelry (Some Indian Turquoise)
    418 Misc Costume Jewelry (Mostly Christmas Jewelry)


    501 4 – Indian Head Cents (1864, 1890, 1896, 1899)
    502 2 – Early Dog License Tags (1920, 1957 (Mifflin County)
    503 11 – Silver Dimes (10-Mercury, 1-Barber [$1.10 Face 90% Silver]
    504 31 – Misc Nickels (7-2005, 2-War, 22-Buffalo) [$1.55 Face]
    505 7 –Vintage Baseball Cards
    506 Over 50 – Misc. Foreign Coins
    507 1 – 2003 Silver Coin-Ornament (Christmas Blessings) [.999 Silver 1-oz]
    508 3 – 1971S Ike UNC Silver Dollars [$3 Face 40% Silver] (Only 2-cards and Envelopes-Rough)
    509 1 – Roll (20) 1976 Bicentennial JFK Clad Half Dollars [$10 Face] (AU)
    510 1 – Roll (20) 1976 Bicentennial JFK Clad Half Dollars [$10 Face] (CIRCULATED)
    511 16 – Silver Roosevelt Dimes [$1.60 Face 90% Silver]
    512 8 – Silver Quarters (7-Washington, 1-Standing Liberty) [$2 Face 90% Silver]
    513 52 – JFK Clad Half Dollars (1971-1979) [$26 Face]
    514 22 – Silver Clad JFK Half Dollars (1965-1969) [$11 Face 40% Silver]
    515 8 – Silver Half Dollars (7-JFK, 1-BF) [$4 Face 90% Silver]
    516 6 – IKE Clad Dollars (1971-1976) [$6 Face] (CIRCULATED)
    517 5 – 1979 Susan B Anthony Dollars [$5 Face] (CIRCULATED)
    518 166 – Lincoln Cents [$1.66 Face]
    (150-Wheat, 15-Steel, 1-1976D and History Card)
    519 Misc. Currency – Coins
    (1972 UNC Mint Set-Envelope Damage)[$1.83 Face] (1953 $2.00 Note) (One Disney Dollar)
    520 2 – 1964 JFK Silver Halves In Displays [$1.00 Face 90% Silver] (1-Lewistown Bank Display-Display Cracked)
    521 9 – Misc. Tokens (2-Good Luck Wheat Cents) (7-Misc. Tokens)
    522 2 – Peace Silver Dollars [$2.00 Face 90% Silver] (1922 PSD and Sterling Chain) (1923S PSD Drilled for Necklace)
    523 2 – Morgan Silver Dollars [$2.00 Face 90% Silver] (1-1886, 1-1888)
    524 3 – Peace Silver Dollars [$3.00 Face 90% Silver] (1-1922, 2-1925)
    525 3 – Morgan Silver Dollars [$3.00 Face 90% Silver] (1-1890, 1-1896, 1-1898O)

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