385 Elk Creek Road
Aaronsburg, PA 16820
385 Elk Creek Road Aaronsburg PA 16820


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Q) Can I have a mortgage?
A) Certainly!  VA & FHA loans welcome, contact a lender, see who offers the lowest rates, lowest or no points and no closing costs, no origination fees, etc.  Tell the lender you are looking to buy this property where you put down 15K that is held in escrow till closing asking what amount you qualify to borrow for a mortgage.  This way you can come to the sale knowing what you can afford to make the purchase.

Q) Can I have a home inspection or survey completed?
A) Absolutely!  Contact us to schedule before you bid.

Q. So what is the difference between the way you sell real estate and traditional private treaty sale?
A. The difference is the way the final price is realized.  We do not deal in speculation of value but rather the true market value.  Very simple, straightforward forward, easy to understand, and a clean transaction.  There are no contingencies of a person wanting this, that, or the next thing from the Seller.  It is not a matter of one offer from a buyer with one thing and another offer from another buyer with the next thing but rather, a level playing field for everyone who chooses to purchase this home.  Everything is straightforward and easy to understand. Real estate never sells for below or above market value but rather for true market value.  Just because one home that has the same neighborhood, has similar square feet, size lot, number of bedrooms, baths, etc. sold for one price doesn’t mean another should.

Q) Any suggestions of websites where I can find real estate information that is accurate and the best place to find a mortgage?
A) Do NOT use Zillow or Trulia – They are one and the same (Zillow purchased Trulia) & both of these websites exist to sell your information to Realtors & Lenders.  They do not publish accurate information about listings and do everything to entice you to give your information.  Unlike Zillow, Trulia & other websites, we RESPECT your privacy and NEVER sell or divulge your information! We welcome questions.  Contact Us!

Property Details & Photos

385 Elk Creek Road Aaronsburg PA 16820

Elk Creek Lodge: Embrace The Grandeur of Life on 43+ Acres In Aaronsburg, PA

A Vast Canvas of Calm
Stretched over 43+ acres, the Lodge on Elk Creek Road property unfurls a vista of natural wonder and endless potential. Every corner holds a whisper of serenity, every shadow promises a hidden retreat.

Peaceful, Remote Yet Accessible
Escape the urban clamor and discover where quality of life truly flourishes. Here, vastness meets peace, offering a sanctuary to heal, reflect, and renew or reunite with family and friends.

Nature’s Dynamic Gallery
Every dawn introduces a new visual feast. With the dance of seasons, the palette of flora, fauna, and mountain reflections evolve, making every day an ever-changing masterpiece.

Isolated Splendor with a Hint of Contemporary
While cradled in the arms of nature, the Lodge at Elk Creek Road remains a stone’s throw from today’s conveniences. Cherish the solitude without sacrificing the rhythm and allure of nearby city life.

Strategic Serenity
Find yourself ideally positioned between the vibrant pulse of State College and Penn State University and the quaint allure of Milheim.

An Adventurer’s Playground
Adjacent to expansive state game lands, this land is not merely picturesque but a portal to unmatched hunting adventures. It’s an invitation to those who chase wild thrills.

Ventures Beyond the Horizon
Whether it’s the rush of an ATV ride, the meditative pace of a nature walk, or the challenge of a local golf course and the offerings of Penn State sports, adventures of all kinds lie just minutes away.

The Dreamer’s Blueprint
The Lodge on Elk Creek Road isn’t just a space; it’s the embodiment of potential. Whether it’s a boutique resort, a retreat for youth or corporates, an organic sanctuary, or a familial, youth or corporate retreat, it’s primed to adapt to your vision.

Nature’s Treasured Dividend
Beyond its role as a lodge, the property stands as a tangible investment, with mature timber ready to amplify its value. Witness the fruits of nature as they bolster your assets.

Craftsmanship’s Finest Hour
Quality through out marries timeless artistry with modern-day finesse.  The Lodge at Elk Creek Road features 5,000 sq ft of recent construction with longevity in mind being constructed with a Metal Roof, Cedar Siding, Oak Flooring, Double Pane Windows and Covered Porch.  It’s an ode to design, this Lodge has 5 Bedrooms, One Large Bathroom and is furnished with amenities featuring a dry bar, Freestanding Range-Gas, Eat-in Kitchen, Decorative Lighting and more that can evolve according to your needs.

The Lodge at Elk Creek Road: More Than Just Land—A Living Dream
Beyond its 43+ acres, Elk Creek pledges a richer, fuller life. It beckons visionaries, hunters, nature lovers, and future-builders. Dive into an existence where every sunrise holds promise and every twilight, tales. Secure your legacy at the Lodge on Elk Creek Road.

This is not just an offer; it’s the opportunity of a lifetime. Seize your tomorrow today!

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43+ Acres - 385 Elk Creek Road Aaronsburg, PA 16820 - Real Estate Auction
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385 Elk Creek Road Aaronsburg PA 16820

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